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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Kit and Mud Beans

You're All I Need

How do I get my best shot of the daylight? Well, it depends on the weather and my mood swings. But usually, I get my creepy imagination take the director's rocking chair and I start to figure out the best angle of the mean solar day.  One of the two things which make my day productive are my 18-55mm kit and a cup of iced Vietnamese milk coffee. I can't imagine sunshine without them in my super duper vanilla routine behind the bars of the dormitory in the campus.  And aside from looking back to the snaps I have had saved to my camera roll, it has also become my habit to scroll up and down the colorful posts I had bragged in the past few weeks. Definitely, these sober my boozed up everyday tasks which lead to being awesome in my own little snappy ways. 

I know right?! Uhmmm believe me, once you realize that those small dots at the corners of your room are easier to fabricate to make your life whole, heartbeats go on and on until you're on top of the decently lit mountain where the sun "rises" at dusk. You see, the world is too small yet fabulous and worth-wandering around as it has countless to offer you physically, emotionally and spiritually. Now, get up and start chasing the brightest gleam of the clever dawn-to-dusk  with your stubborn shadows of imperfections. Have fun, and make it to the peak of your shattered daydreams and turn them into the most dazzling, sparkling aurora on the way to your heart. 

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