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Monday, 28 October 2013

Nhat Tan Flower Village

Nhat Tan, Ha Noi VN

Peach and kumquat trees are part of each Vietnamese's homes culture during the Lunar New year (Tet). The trees are believed to bring luck all year round so many people haggle for those shrubs on the flower streets at least two weeks before the holiday. One of the most visited "blossom" villages in downtown Ha Noi is Nhat Tan where you can find the best bargain from yellow, white to pink buds. The area is very large for affordable bushes perfect for Tet ranging from 250vnd above depending on the size and quality. 

I had taken some snaps last year, while wandering around a garden along the muddy, slippery and chilly crossroads of the town.  Sometime in January next year, I would again spend my photo cravings there with an upgraded lens. For now, please take a look at the pictures patiently and enjoy the ride!

Sorry this one is BURNT! :((


  1. i wish you could come here so you can take pretty pictures too. especially when cherry blossoms are alive!!!!

  2. yeahhh omg cherry blossoms!!! aaaaaa