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Thursday, 17 October 2013

Men Are Mean

Yes, You Were Born the Meanest!

George Carlin once uttered,  the main reason why girls are crazy is that men are stupid.  Haha...I still couldn't get over this hard-to-accept "reality" about the supposed to be the toughest creatures on earth.

Alright, let's put it this way...for instance, they can't even say "hello" to you even if they see you online. You know what, they always tell you, "I got nothing" to say, so what now? I meant, don't they get it? Every lady loves and appreciates a very simple "hi" or "good night" from the guy she admires as it is equal to being loved. Gosh, this is crazy! Why are they so mean?! Sometimes, I feel like men are only good for nothing...they would act the lacy, rouge cotton candy only when they want to win your heart and trust, but after that they would just feed you with too much of their silly excuses.  HUHUHU...

Well, better  keep Blogger as your shock absorber to get rid of wrinkles any swain can offer you.  And try to act like a boy not because you want them to feel you, but because this is just what we could do to lessen the pain these mean ones have carelessly, and unconsciously given us.

Good night...don't forget to grab a bite of you favorite chocolate before bed for a much toothsome dreams.

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