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Sunday, 27 October 2013

Tày (Ethnic Minority)

Vietnam (North)

According to Wiki, there are about 1.5m "Tay" peoples living in the north of Vietnam, specifically in the highlands of Ha Giang, Yen Bai, Lang Son among the few.  Last year, I was invited by my ever loving student's family to their hometown in Nghia Lo Yen Bai district. Locals in the place are very accommodating, naive, simply beautiful and honest. Uhmm... I was fortunate enough to taste the country's hospitality and sincerity.

The best parts of the travel story were a five-hour motorbike ride from Ha Noi on the winding, chilly, lush sceneries on the way, the food, tea farms, traditional rice wine, and the Tay costume snaps in Mu Cang Chai.  It was very funny how they stuffed my face with fresh lunch until it was impossible to zip my blue jeans and surprised me with one of the Tay traditional clothes (small sized)....ohh thank goodness I was very good at holding my breath until some tourists finished taking me some photos for the thought that I was a minority of the area. Haha..I thought I would get offended...anyhow it was fun! I have been in Vietnam for three years and only 1% of the strangers I have met believed that I am not Vietnamese. Haha!

Honestly, I want to write more but my eyeballs are about to explode... so hope you enjoy some of my snaps with my pink "Tay".

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