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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Found Everything

You're Always The First In My Prayers

Dear Panther,

Do you have a magic coin for the wishing well?
I want to know how far that one bucks can go.
Will it reach Vietnam by the time I ring the bell?
But I'm sure you, too believe in mojo, don't you?

You said, I make you smile,
Whatever mood you are in.
Little did you know that in a while,
My heart jumps for joy more than any hopeless,
 morons could imagine.

That's my Panther who shields me with the rosette,
Smell of the chilly  morning breeze from S.A. to S.E.A.!
Hugs and Kisses from you and Cleo I always wait,
As soon as I shut my frozen eyelids after  hours,
 of parades and whoopee.

Our fancy world might be damn hard,
For those struggling "simples" to keep afloat.
Not for our willing hearts traipsing on the bungee cords,
From Cape Town's Table Mountains to Ha Long Bay's jolly boat.

Dreams came true...

Well, isn't it great to feel how we make each other smile and giggle? You're always there to tickle me, too even if I always send you my silly instagram filtered selfies. And the best thing about us is we never care about what others say and think... including Cleo and Teddy. Love Ya Lots! 

Your 48th song is: Always Be Your Girl by Celine Dion

Photo of the Day: Thinking About You


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