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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Afternoon Nap

New Ventures

The afternoon nap wasn't that good because I woke up having a slight fever, yet I still have to teach until 9pm. It dawned on me that those three weeks in a row gave me too much stress. Well, have to get better soon because next week CELTA will kick my butt out of any "reasonable" excuses not to be excited about it. Oh gosh...what do I think I have been doing? No, oh no I'm not torturing's just that I need this for the next few months of my new ventures. Do you wanna enjoy the ride with me? :) 

Hey Panther,

I just thought the dream was a bit funny...and I know that it was a silly one but on the other hand, wasn't that interesting? LOL!!! Hmnn...I'll be waiting for the loveliest laugh from you later today. Though I know that you're having a busier day today than the previous weeks,  all I want is for you to smile despite everything. Love Ya Lots from Teddy and Me. 

56th song: Take My Hand by Simple Plan

Will you take my hand tonight and find some place to go? 


Photo of the Day: Old Photo
sorry..not feeling well today...couldn't take any pics ;(

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