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Sunday, 16 February 2014

A Day with Cleo

Lazy Sunday

Had a great time fishing with Tu, but I couldn't help him because it was too cold so I just watched him with his quest with the two medium-sized fish. After an hour, we prepared all the ingredients for fried chicken, tofu and tomatoes by the fireplace as we had to cook in the dirty kitchen.  That took us too much time to get things done, yet we felt like it was an achievement as we learned patience, hard work and creativity.  The two boys managed to make fried chicken, fired banh chung, and tofu with tomatoes. Unfortunately, we couldn't rustle up the fresh fish because it was too late and the three of us were starving to death.  

We arrived at the dorm safe and cold so Tu and I gloated a cup of cold Vietnamese milk coffee before we headed up to my room for a two-hour session with Trevor Noah. It was tricky for him to understand the clip because it was a stand-up comedy. So, I taught him how to get himself ready with proper cultural literacy so to at least catch up 1% of the English humor.  I bet he will learn faster compared to other kids because he has enough courage and determination.

Anyhow, I really missed Panther and I was worried sick because he was having a tough weekend which started to hit him last Friday. He's a brave, smart and successful man with a heart of gold. I'm proud of him the way he takes care of his loved ones including me and Cleo.

Please be safe, and I always think about you... I will kill anyone who gives you too much wrinkles. Haha. Love ya lots, Panther from Teddy and Susan. 

Your 46th song is: Nocturne by Secret Garden

See you in our dreamland! Mwahhhh...


Photo of the day: My Baby
Thanks for not failing to send me her photos! Hugs

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