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Monday, 17 February 2014

Because I Love You by Yiruma

Love ya Lots More Than Jelly Tots

Many business establishments here are very unprofessional in a way that they keep stressing you out with a full payment weeks before the due and ask too much of penalty when in the first place it wasn't in the agreement. Once you are able to pay them it would take them years to confirm whether they have gotten the bank transfer yet or not. Am I sick and tired of this country yet? 

Definitely, I have just been trying to stay a bit for at least a few months but once I'm done, I wouldn't regret leaving this hell. My friends have been dreaming of coming here to work and see life from this venture but little did they know that I'm just flexible enough to show them that I'm happy here. 

Well, enough of that crap...let me just hug my Panther and baby Cleo right now. Love you both from me and Teddy. Wish you were here so we could be the perfect villains in our annoying yet cute love story that idiots around have been trying to write about. Be safe always and remember that you're awesome, successful, good-looking and charming. 

Panther's 47th song: Because I Love You by Yiruma (Piano)


Photo of the day: Blue Clouds by Panther

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