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Sunday, 23 February 2014

Gotta Love Life

Praise and Worship

Sunday, isn't the only time to worship and praise the Lord but we have to cheerfully do it ever now and then because He is a great God. Though it is a rainy, chilly and gloomy morning, and had to be awoken by my sister's call, I still feel good and happy for all the blessings I've had from finances, to opportunities, friendship, family and my luv. 

Anyway, if I had one thing to tell Panther today, it had to be: "Hey, get back under the covers until the sun sets". Haha! I'm not sure if he doesn't get tired of my being too silly for telling him how much I care for him. Well, I strongly believe that he's a sincere man that he never fails to make me smile even during my PMS. LOL... love ya lots  from me and Teddy and Hugs to Cleo, too. 

Your 53rd song is: Count on Me by Bruno Mars

I know that I can always count on you...and come hell or high water, you're ready to stop what you're doing in the garage to listen to my sentiments. Miss you lots! 


Photo of the Day: Love On A Rainy Morning

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