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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Lipton Lemon Afternoon

Lock Yourself  In...

Not having an afternoon class, so here I am enjoying my hot Lipton lemon tea after a beef curry lunch from Ally. This is the best time to clear my mind from too much make up classes in the past eight days in a row. But tomorrow until next week, it will be hectic again until I pack up for Saigon.  Most probably, am excited and at the same time getting a bit of a student-laziness deep inside me as I'll be a sticking my nose again to forgotten English grammar in the next few days. 

Well, just looking forward to having the next incredible ventures in summer as I head back to my hometown. Thank God, I have Panther to send me movies to download so I'll have something to munch during the four boring Sundays for the whole month of March. 

Today, I pray that Panther will  have a not so hectic day at work thus, will end the day as a winner and get the success and praises he deserves.  Hugs and Kisses to our awesome man and Baby Cleo from me and Teddy. We love you more than jelly tots!

Your 49th song:  Be Yourself by AudioSlave
--This song is to remind you that you were born to shine and conquer life winning by being yourself. Hugs! 


Photo of the Day: Sweet Life
Life is sweeter with You...

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