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Thursday, 20 February 2014

Easy As A Pie

Wicked World

Got up this morning floating nowhere, and couldn't explain that empty feeling asking what was my lost soul doing in that small corner when I knew that there was always a better place for me. Last night, I wanted to jump out of bed and hug my soul mate, and tell him how much he means to me that I wish to be a witch and get my voodoo doll so I could start pricking his stressors' empty brains so they would back off. 

Life is unfair in some ways, but I have been strong enough to face the reality. I wanna tell "life" that I am not in the mood to give up and never will. My ventures with Panther, Cleo and Teddy go on and on until we happily slap this wicked world with a  creaky "get lost"! 

Though it was another hectic day to me and surely for Panther, there's always this way of taking each other's butt out of our grumpy pants and laugh at those dumb boobies around. Am just so thankful for having us that we don't need to please anyone nor think of how we could live each day knowing that we are literally miles away. Well, we always have a will thus, ways are easy as a pie. I couldn't thank the Lord more for His gift of genuine love from my man. Love Ya lots from me and Teddy! 

Your 50th song is: One Thing by One Direction

Thank you because you always make me feel like I'm the most beautiful woman you've ever had. Hugs!


Photo of the Day: Wish

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