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Saturday, 22 February 2014

My Naked Soul

I know you will...

Still cuddle me on stormy nights.
Adore the size of my wrinkles.
Feel the warmth of my naked soul.
Listen to my naughty whispers.

I know you will...

Tickle me for a lovely snapshot.
Take me to our favorite cafe.
Teach me how to pedal.
Tell me the Buffalo stories.

You know I will...

Call you at midnight when I get a nightmare.
Make your black coffee on a warm midday.
Cherish those uplifting VMs and VCs.
Stay awake just to listen to your laughs.

You know I will...

Patiently wait for your "Wechat"  messages.
Hide you under my covers until the sun is up.
Always adore you as my one and only Panther.
Argue with you in my language, instead of kissing another man.

You and I...

We will Make it till the End.

Panther's 52nd song: Young and Beautiful by Lana Del Rey

Hugs and Kisses from us! Love ya lots. 


Photo of the Day: Red Mittens

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