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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Smart Move


Writing and scribbling while waiting for my students to finish their group do you like that? Anyhow, I just remember a silly incident this morning when someone sarcastically reminded me to follow the course plan and he expected me "maybe" to apologize. Well, these people should know that I don't wake up kissing others ass. They might think that I'm too rude..well Yes I am for they taught me how to act  this way. 

Tell you what, I've experienced the same thing, too not once but many times but instead, I kept my mouth shut and didn't confront anyone because anyway, I wouldn't win against their stinky heads. But I realized that when they make a mistake, they never admit nor make up for it maybe because they don't want people to think that they're dumb enough like hungry elephants munching the last bite of their lives. 

Oh by the way, I missed my gorgeous, sweet baby Cleo as her dad has been very busy at work that he hasn't sent me her photos for a few days. Well, today his adorable, good-looking dad took the time to take some innocent shots and sent me so I am posting them here. 

The 41st song: Diamonds by Rihanna

Miss you Panther, we will make it till the end! Hugs and Kisses...


Photos of the day: My Baby

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