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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Lock Me in Your Heart

An Open Book

Four slots down from frantic six, not bad! 

Sometimes, I do believe that I'm one of the most blissful persons on earth. First, I have Panther who never forgets to stretch my mouth to the sweetest, biggest smile ever to the extent of making me laugh out loud like there's no tomorrow. 

Second, I usually get what I want in Ally coffee just like this morning when the co-owner of the cafe made My Xao especially for me in a discounted price. Third, Barbie and Ken are around to update the latest beat of Ken's new masterpiece. 

Fourth, my close friends like Lovinni, Gold, Pam, Sofie and or Geleen among others are there to pray for me. Fifth, my baby Cleo who looks at me as if she is missing me each day and that tells me how innocently angelic I am in my own strange ways. 

Panther's 42nd song is: Lock Me In Your Heart by Mandy Moore

Hey, you're the best thing that happened to kidding! 


I always believe in miracles as magic goes with it to the the most overwhelming yet enchanting chapter of my life.   Sooner or later, Teddy and I would get to caress and cuddle Panther, Cleo and Misty. Wondering how it feels like? Well, wait and see...

Photo of the day: The Book

Hugs and Kisses from Susan and Teddy! 

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