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Friday, 21 February 2014



Almost passed out on my way back to the dorm as I was extremely tired. Had to get things done today as I'm excited to get my butt with the photos for a project. Anyhow, I was able to satisfy myself with two boxes of sweet, colorful macaroons. In a while, I'm going to munch them one by one until I couldn't hear any cry of regrets. Awee!

Tomorrow morning, I'll be somewhere to start something which has made my heart jump for eagerness to accomplish it by Monday, and at the same time that feeling of frenzy passion for this chance. Oh, God help me!

Friday Greetings for Panther:

Cleo calls you dad, Teddy loves it when he hears you say, Hugs and Kisses, and I always thank the Lord for your being there to save me from godforsaken days. You've been having hectic schedules on weekdays and more errands at weekends which make you really exhausted. I'm worried sick but I know you are firm and tough enough to them rack them up. We love you so much and will always think of you. Hugs and Kisses from Ha Noi!

51st song: One by Bee Gees


Photo of the Day: Sweet, Colorful, Mirthful Macaroons

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