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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

The 34th Song

Dead tired when I got to the dorm...long story short? Alright, I visited Thanh Bean's grandparents in Son Tay with Exciter. Had fun having "hotpot" for lunch and when his friends left, I was lucky to have some quick snaps with his very lovable grandparents. Since it was quite dull in the village, we decided to go to Ho Tay and went straight to The Coffee Bean and Tea leaf in Westlake. 

As usual, the place was too crowded just like yesterday with locals visiting the temples, curious tourists, and street vendors which caused too much traffic today. After coffee, Exciter had my wish came true by pacifying me with Bo Bia Ngot, a famous street food by the lake. We kept wondering around taking photos, crossing the impossible roads, and finally had some red wine in my favorite Indian restaurant before we went to My Dinh Station. 

 Exciter went back to his hometown in Hai Duong and Thanh safely took the bus to Son Tay. Well, thank goodness I thought I'd get raped or robbed today on my way back to the dorm from Hoa Lac Vien as it was too dark...I was so scared but luckily there was a nice guy who gave me a ride to the campus. 

P./S. Pictures will be uploaded on my next post because this one is specifically intended for Panther only with his song and photo of the day. 

Anyhow, I always have Panther with me each day...wherever I go and whatever the weather is. He's always there ready to stop his work just to send me inspiring songs to lift my spirits up. I bet you, I'm the luckiest and the happiest girl in this world full of beavering "gentlemen", and a life full of lamest excuses. Don't you think he is simply awesome? Now, you envy me...I know right?! Haha..hugs and kisses from Teddy and Susan. 

Here is your 34th song of the year: Endless Love by Lionel Richie

---Hope this isn't one of the songs you never wanna listen again. :))


Photo of the day: The Bike and the Patrol Car
Location: Ho Tay lake
Camera: Samsung Galaxy S3 (no filter)
"Let's Run Away with Your Lunch and My Bike"- Never mind if we get arrested..hahaha 

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