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Friday, 14 February 2014

Silly Occasions


As soon as I entered the classroom, students' long faces startled me a bit. Might be because of too much make up classes, or maybe the thought about this crap Valentine's Day that when I asked them  if they felt alone, they sadly said, "YES" with the flattest tone.    

Has anyone of you realized that such events and occasions are merely designed by clever businesses to sell their pretty penny trap while playing with our emotions? For instance, November 11th is Korean's Pepero Day...and those choco-coated sticks explain that impassive 11/11 celebration. South Korea, Japan, and China have also their White Day in March which is the counterpart of today's Cupid Day as the most hobbling excuse for their products to get on the soapbox for "half-baked" women out there as it is believed to be the time to honor men's love and compassion. 

Sadly, the Mainstream Media has been having a joyride, and feasting with the gullible masses' ignorance during Rose's Day, Hug Day, that even Halloween is being "celebrated". There's nothing wrong with having fun, regardless of the religion, tradition, culture and perspectives on life as long as we won't get trapped with the idea that there's always a "MUST" to give and get something in return from our lovers to the extent of sacrificing a week dinner to save up for a box of expensive chocolates, and or a luxury fine dining which costs the other party an arm and a leg. 

Tell you what, at the end of the day, once the event is done, feelings go with it. It means that after the 14th of February, "sapped" couples go back to the same insane arguments, jealousy, mistrust and flimsy pretenses. Do you wanna know the saddest truth of those exaggerated "functions"? Well, simple...the dramatic rise of crime and violence for the purpose of pleasing their sweethearts for the thought that the more materially-centered the relationship is, the longer it lasts. Isn't that simply imbecilic just like that teenager somewhere in the north of Vietnam who stabbed his grandmother for him to be able to buy a teddy bear for his girl friend on St. Valentine's?

But of course there are exceptions when it comes to such self-indulgence. In my opinion there are also reasonable and worthy occasions which deserve our attention and respect depends on each other's preference. 

1. Women's Day
2. Children's Day
3. New Year's Day
4. Christmas 
5. Thanksgiving
6. Teachers' Day
7. All Souls Day - for the purpose of at least commemorating our deceased ancestors and relatives as long we understand that Halloween parties have got nothing to do with remembering them
8. Other Festivities whether religious, seasonal, historical and or cultural are considered one of the exceptions.

In short, if you really care about your one and only, show him his importance not only today but every beat of your excitement... feel his breath, emotions, frustrations, depressions and sail with his dreams despite the rough oceans on the way. Never demand and expect too much from your partner. Instead,  learn to trust, forgive but not tolerate, compromise, and don't let your ego and your selfishness break your other half.  Please do him a favor  not to bug him especially during his solitary moments and personal space. Love as long as you can, laugh together like idiots, cook your favorite meal together, mix your own cocktail from salt and lemon, support him on his quest of dealing with his dumb colleagues, and or get a wacky pose in front of his camera. 


----cuddle, and kiss more and more---

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