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Monday, 3 February 2014

Safe In Your Arms

Crowded Temples: The 3rd Day of Tet

Got up early this morning and headed to the city center for the purpose of going to the embassy to get my passport renewed. Since, I had been getting a horrible migraine looking at those photo-shopped passport size photos I had from one of the shops in Xuan Thuy a few weeks ago, I thought of dropping by at Boo's for a collared top after having lunch with Thao's family. There...I got a colorful, almost red or copper striped, long sleeves. In short, I got my photo taken...but unfortunately the consulate was still on a holiday. 

So, I decided to go to The Coffee Bean instead, only to find out that the Westlake area was too crowded and the traffic ate me alive.  But somehow, I learned something from that Caramel Macchiato experience. My eyes were drooling at those teenagers and to those on their early 20s who were wearing very thick mascara like there's no tomorrow, brain cavities munching with curiosity with those evening high heels and dresses and quickly asked, "Where have they been? Haven't they slept yet? It's 3PM already!". And of course, the saddest story among couples who go to the cafes with their nostrils glued to their smartphones acting like deaf and mute couplets. 

Oops, here is one thing, last but not least...I got loads of nosiness as to why they had to wear boots and leather jackets when it was quite a hot afternoon...alright I already gave them the benefit of the was "maybe' because they had to drive motorbikes. My apologies..didn't mean to be overly snoopy. 

A Letter for Panther: 

How many times has she told you that  she just loves the way you laugh, she meant LOL! Gosh that very uplifting, innocent sound of yours in that  voice message haha! Alright, alright you're always adorable in your own little ways. And oh, by the way her best friend thought you're such a good-looking guy...well she told her that you're sexy, too! LMAO. 

Love ya Lots, Panther! You always make my day...and my grandson Ken with his big feet, both of you make me happy especially when I'm down. Well, I badly miss my 4 year-old nephew Baba, too. 

The 33rd song for you my dear is: Come Away With Me by Nora Jones


Photo of the Day: Colours of Promises

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