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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

The Prettiest Worrywart

The Longest Day Ever!

Started the drizzling morning sneezing and coughing in front of my class at 730am. Well, had five slots and believe me I felt like insanely spinning in zero gravity! The HR triggered my hollow sleepyhead to burst into the prettiest worrywart and at the same time angry for they couldn't give me a clear feedback about my Visa. In the first place, it was their fault to have it validated on the wrong expiry date. Now, who is going to get drowned in a boiling pot of their stupidity and negligence? 

Then, there came Apollo who asked me to resend the Disclaimer again for the one that they sent me a few months ago was already outdated. What else? Oh yeah, this Pre-Course task from their institute is too long it makes my brain numb to death. 

To Panther:
Am so sorry for too much whining and negativity're awesome for being so good to give me pieces of advice. Thanks for making me smile despite having a nerve-wrecking day from being overwhelmed with the incurable idiocy around. Love You Lots! I know that you're also having a hectic day at work yet you still spare time to listen to my silly sentiments. Hugs and Kisses to you and Cleo from sweet, smelly Teddy.

Your 55th song is: Next Plane Home by Daniel Potter
"I miss mom and dad..I wanna go home but at the same time, I wanna fly to you now because you always make me feel like I'm home with you". 


Photo of the Day: Next Trips with You

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