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Saturday, 15 February 2014

My Hero

The very moment I hit the Play button, I thought about you. Seriously, you always make me feel safe through your laughs, sweet words, and especially the way you whisper  me with your hugs and kisses. No one has ever given me the comfort I need whatever my emotions are. Thank you...and by simply listening to this song, and our song, I'd be able to sleep very tight each night. Love Ya and Miss Ya lots from Teddy and Susan. 

Your 45th song:  Song For A Stormy Night by Secret Garden


Well, had to rush to the bank this chilly  morning which started from that very slow bank teller in Techcombank who looked like Sherlock Holmes scrutinizing every stroke of each letter of my first name. Then followed by VP bank's crap service whose attendant didn't understand the word, "sell". Alright, had to keep calm and ran into the Maritime bank for Apollo's domestic transfer.  

I never had the urge to go back to the dorm hungry, so I dropped by at Al Frescos for a club sandwich and got lucky for another sticker though my bill was below 200k VND. Then arrived home just in time to get a cup of my favorite Vietnamese milk coffee to go in Ally and quickly kicked in the Exam Dept for the 1300 Midterm test. I was dead tired that led me to get a big bowl of fried noodles and another cup of coffee for dinner. OMG...! Am I ready to watch Thor yet? Hahaha...

Photo of the day: Girly Thing
I almost forgot those days when I had to wear formal clothes and those crap accessories! Dammit! 

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