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Friday, 2 August 2013

The Man-Hater

The Man-Hater

Confessions-"We broke up...haven't talked for two weeks".   "He's annoying, insensitive."  "She wasn't there when I needed her." "Her parents aren't in favor of our relationship because I'm poor." "I don't deserve her daughter."   "You know you're annoying sometimes...when I text you, you don't text me back.  And now you're asking me if I don't wanna talk to you...".  "If you don't want to talk to me or if you want to rule me out of your life, tell me." "I bet you're better off without me." "Am too sincere and even treat her well." "Feeling tired.." 

Sentiments- "I don't know why it's too hard for him to understand the simplest issues between us."  "Nothing is enough for him! " "Why do I have to always compromise?"  "Can't we meet halfway?" "He's unfair!" "He can go out while I can't as I have to ask his permission first before I do such things." "She is very difficult and complicated." "She never feels for me."  

What else? Which is which? Who is to blame? In the past few weeks, I have been bombarded by these familiar blow-by-blow together with "sinewy" despairs from my chummy friends.  

"How long have you been together?, I curiously asked.  "We have been together for four years". Wow, that was quite long for an eighteen-year-old young adult. "What's the secret?" He took his ipad and showed me a couple's picture and said, "she and he are in love"...speechless! "Do you think sending sms everyday is important?"   "No, because I call her each day and we don't run out of stories to share." "We never thought of giving up despite unfavorable circumstances." Are you serious?! Gosh, this might be bizarre for people who never had successful romantic relationships.  

Honestly, I don't want to talk much about "romance" in this blog as my purpose is to see who men really are from a single woman's perspectives.  This isn't stereotyping either. I mean I bet I have the right on my opinions. 

Alright then I will start with how "anesthetized" men are. For instance, they burnt up their lovers or close friends so most likely "girls" chose to be tongue-tied.  I am not sure if they were really born "bone-headed" as the most plain and conventional questions from them are: How are you doing?"  Why are you so quiet?" "Am I annoying?"  Why don't they ask themselves back? Another diddly  attitude is their being "paranoid" yet callous-minded.   One day, I posted a status in facebook saying, " I hate you." He immediately knocked off my inbox with, "You hate me?" If I could only slap him with an iron "Yes"! They always complain that girls are hard to penetrate, that we are backbreakers, and too sensitive. 

Men, let me tell you one thing.  You jerks are good for nothing! Yes, admit it guys,  you always want to be "daredevils" for us to look up to you and to prove that you're real men. What else? If we rant in any social media sites, you criticize us for being weak but if you don't have any idea on our whereabouts, it's either you grill silly questions or every time you feel like hunting for a "howdy-do" you sweat the same cloying inquisitions.  Don't you even have any guts to "paraphrase" them? 

And...the worst is,  men think that women are financially feeble so they think that stuffing our faces with those designer labels, luxury cars, jewelry, trips to the Carribean, fine dinings, Apple and so on is the most "dexterous" way to keep us and drown us with their never ending demands! Oh yes I meant "demands" you got me? Now tell me who's more fussy and more boorish?
"Egotistical and Proud" should I say...if you're a man of actions, you should at least know how to find a happy medium  or even respect the idea of meeting halfway. So please, be a little bit "intellectually" canny Ok? This is a never-ending issue among men and women in any types of relationships. 




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