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Thursday, 15 August 2013

You're My Selective Amnesia

You're  my Selective Amnesia

Tonight,  she's asking you to knock on her door.
Hurry, before the sun shines in the west.
And before she drops her rusty pillow on the glittering floor! 
Please ring her,  in case she runs away with her pink "whistle blower" vest.

Each day adds up to her waiting, 
For your sincere sarcasm.
Where have you gone, wandering?
Have you found someone eager and better than Adam?

"Close" friend, you used to call her.
When will you get completely sober?
Quit playing, and tossing her reckless heart.
Coz one day, you would slip from a steep rock with your regrets! 

Last night, she wrote you a letter.
But you didn't bother tear the first chapter,
Of the most "critical" stage of her maturity.
She said, one hopeless day, you would write her back with clarity.


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