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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Greediness vs Selfish Ambitions

Greediness vs Selfish Ambitions

When I was little, I thought I should get the best dessert or get the finest braai of the day coz I was the youngest. Well, that was what my mom used to do...she hides sweets from my older brother and "he" gets furious once he finds out that there's nothing for him. He always complained, " Why do you have to be mom's favorite?!"   "Haha poor you, uhmm you don't deserve this coz you're already grown up", while gloating the last bite of the most toothsome  pie I've ever chewed.  Children are naturally close-fisted and self-centered but not for any selfish ambitions. They're happy for a pack of sweetmeats, new toys, clothes, and tasty dish their parents stuff them-"content" as they live each day.  I could testify that kids are the biggest dreamers more than adults do but "using" others to  bring off their "flights of fancy" is out of the process.  Their fragility and innocence prove how they burn their asses off to get a pint of their favorite chocolate ice cream.  

Many people are unaware of their being covetous which leads to selfish drives.  They tend to hustle to get ahead of others whom they think are far better than them so as not to get overshadowed.   Trying to chase other people's reflections of feats or racing against them is like drifting on the glazy dead end.  Even a starving child never gets the courage to hold a basket of  eggs in his hands for dinner coz he knows he only has ten fingers to grip them and a tiny gullet to swallow a seed.  Simple! 

"Come hell or high water" - people would do everything to get a raise, promotion,  fame and a much more livable life than they used to have- and who doesn't want it anyway? But they must make sure that they don't curse others for choosing "silence" to succeed on their aspirations, nor blistering them  on gambling  a fortune on anything they want to risk,  when in the end "they" would also do the same thing.  Honestly, I pity them coz even if one day they'l have everything they thought they needed and "wanted", their carnal souls won't stop the  desire  for the world and will end up living in the most eerie nightmares of their lives. 


And... little did they know that "gluttony" is a sin! Haha

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