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Saturday, 3 August 2013

My Life in Vietnam

My Life in Vietnam

To camouflage for most is auspicious and impervious....but not to me.  Since then, I haven't gotten enthralled with the language so it's hard for me to confabulate.   Well, I know how to count and bargain-those are the most critical  I suppose.  I got a peachy body language, too so "pulling over" is a cherry-pie for bus and cab drivers. There are times when  I get frustrated though as I can't drive and it's feasible to bolster my hops in my own little ways.   

"Do I look like Vietnamese?", I asked.  "Yes, Sue."  Gosh, no way!  Is this the reason why a supermarket attendant yelled at me for not "speaking" Vietnamese? "Hey, we got seven climbers to Fansipan.  Five of them are Vietnamese, but I wonder why one of them doesn't speak the language.  I bet she grew up in America", he said. How many times have I heard most of them telling me, "Oh I thought you're Vietnamese."  I still remember my first day at work..."When I checked my Academic Portal it says my teacher is a foreigner, but now when I see you I think you're a local here," he said.   Urrghh...with an affectatious smile-"Really?"  So this is what I always "hark"  even from expats, "I thought, you were Vietnamese."   
                                        's not funny at all! I mean I don't hate anyone.  In fact, I love the country so much that I won't go back to my hometown not until I have left billions of footprints on the whole map.  My ventures here are almost done-in a few months I am ready to sail to the West.  

Life here is a bit cruel to me.   For instance, "hospitality" isn't for free most of the time.  No matter how sincere and nice you are to most of them, never expect you'd get the same treatment back.  These made me hold on to the fact-"never trust anyone even your closest friend".  You know what I mean. camouflage doesn't mean you get an excellent and "fair" customer service wherever you go, as everything here is just all about hustling and making money. Uhmm anyhow, I have been to many remote and traditional villages of the north and the central parts of the country, and I could say that they are the greener side apart from the ugly faces I have brushed in the business capital.  Hurrah that's great to hear! 

Now, I'm a fighter-emotionally and even  more fierce. Thanks to the experiences for they taught me how to live a fitter life outside my comfort zone.  And despite the unbearable attitudes some of them showed me, I'm still happy I got some "fair and square" Vietnamese companions along the way.  

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