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Friday, 2 August 2013



Tell me why you're shinier alone
From cockcrow to sundown, you never frown
You're bigger and sharper  as I get closer
In this starry August as I prosper

Oh heavens avow fresh as April
In Your majesty, palmy desires will not derail
Take me to where the fields are silver
For I am terrified of hankering "hunger"

Airy "golden opportunity" comes my way
Knees patiently down day-to-day
Ripped off yet stood still
Coz my life is Your will

I beseech you hold me tight
So I won't get defeated on a boisterous night
To You  won't appeal but surrender
My pure fate throughout the year

This is my simple and solemn bid  for the start of the month and the rest of 2013. In every prayer, God is behind. Blessed 1st! 


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