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Sunday, 18 August 2013

Her Salmon Buggy

Her Salmon Buggy 

Sisay, you've just gotten the most "bewitching" two-wheeler ever! Right, she's one of the toughest  and peerless women I have ever met. Let me tell you a short story about how our souls met. 

Uhmmm we never thought God would bring us together as we didn't have any admirable "jogs" three years ago when we came to Vietnam, though we "dug" for the same university. When  I moved to Ha Noi, we didn't have any "buddy-buddy" small talks either because I was "biffed" by intimidating gossips from people who had grudges against her. 

Since Da Nang, where she's been working for two years now is my "home", I always make time to hit the town during my "own sweet times". A few months ago, it was my adventitious fate to know her better, and I was glad knowing how close  she  is to Him. She isn't only a dedicated mom to her kids, but also faithful to the Lord. Her everyday emotional struggles are nothing compared to the most furious thunderstorm wandering around the Pacific. 

She's simply awesome and her ruddy, "buggy" will take her to a much more gleeful and colourful rides of life. Love you safely!