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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Listen "Tough" Guy

Listen "Tough" Guy

Hey, listen...I hope one day, you'll find time to read this short message knocking on your empty head. Months have already gone, yet I'm still caught by your deceptive shadow of memories. Those "sunny" days were too short to be with you-as a good friend. I know that my "confessions" made you feel aloof and untamed, though, you had been trying your best not to make it obvious.  You asked me to stay the same-I did. Then you said, "I want our friendship to last longer", I agreed. The way you threw your towel was too quick-along with your broken promises, leaving me at the dark corner "shattered." I'm not sure if you were just trying to be numb or insensitive but you know what-there had been many times when you made me feel ugly, dumb, bold and reckless.  

 One calm, cold midnight you said, "There was no one with me, but my close friend, Susan".  Deep inside the bleeding emotions were opened "scars" jumping for joy,  coz at least you remembered me when you were boozed-up! I want to give you a bash until you realize how sincere my words were when I told you that,  I would explore the "south" with the toughest guy I've ever met. Now, the excitement and appetite have gone. Well, I can't promise I would stand firm and strong as I fulfill my wanderlusts, but one thing for sure I wouldn't give up what I have started.  

This whistle  would be the music I used to hear from you, when you teased me how "dry" my skin was...and the flashlight would be my guide, coz I know that I'm very bad at directions.  I miss you my dear friend, and I won't deny that! 


  1. ah huh! you've been busy posting your thoughts into your blogs challenge naman with your lexical resource!

    nice job!

    teach me one day nhe!

  2. hahaha kakaloka jet :)) salamat naman para lang akp first grader :))