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Sunday, 11 August 2013



In  2006, I used to get updated with my friends' "footings" from Friendster. Then one day, my friend " beat the drum for" Facebook, and I wasn't really intrested in it, because I thought having one account for "clues" is enough, yet I gave it a try.  Logging-in the site was almost impossible coz I was crazy about Friendster then.  After a few months, I totally neglected FB to the extent that I didn't even remember my username and password. When Friendster changed its settings, I lost all my mugs together with the memories that I posted there.  Quite disappointed, yeah?

 While getting nerve-racking schedules at work, I realized that I was having a new account in Facebook!  Wow, I couldn't believe it...days, weeks, months and years passed by.  Darn! - I was given over to this social network that it was so hard to refuse its "come-hither look."  It became my shock absorber everytime I rant, my "simsimi" when I got no one to talk to, an online journal where I could show the whole world the latest about "me".  Sometimes, I thought it was a great place to stalk (haha) as it was accessible anywhere. Well, I bet if you want gossips the "News Feed" is always there to blab you with the latest intrigues, success, failures, brags, break-ups, engagements and wedding proposals, travels, pictures of friends who have just updated their Macs and Iphones.  See, it's very convenient! 

But one day, I got knocked off with dippy, campy, kid-stuff, mind-boggling posts, "feed" had stuffed me.  These pushed me to my limits and I decided to deactivate it....guess what-it felt like holding my breath while swimming in a glass of soda with "mentos", where I had to steal someone's oxygen tank for me to dive with my feet above water.  Yes, it was "Herculean" and I couldn't recall how many times did I have to deactivate and reactivate that account. Wooohhh! 

Two months ago, I made it! I was very proud of I got peaceful everyday struggles as these trolls have got no idea on my whereabouts.  Cool! When I looked at my mirror, my "pimples" were gone.  Thanks to G+ anyway,  for fitting me in-at least even if I dont have thousands of friends in this site unlike I used to have in Facebook, I got a fitter life and much time to get focused on my spiritual journey instead of spending too much time in a social media which gradually debauched my spirit, and tripped me up from the right track.  


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