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Thursday, 22 August 2013

An Escape with Vox

An Escape with Vox

Here's another awesomeThursday calling for the weekend. Oh, gosh I need an escape...where I could chase "Vox" while the zephyre carefully blows away my long, black hair to the top of the Son Tra mountain.  "You always sound gooey", said Vox. Little did they know that I'm the best daydreamer! 
My alarm clock kicked me out of my bunk at 5am. Yes, that was too early as I had to get my nose to the books for today's lessons. Instead of picking up my school bag, my muddy tripod wickedly caught my attention as if "he" was telling me to run away with him. "I wish I could, my dear", I cried. The reality of life is harsh especially when your backpack, passport and tripod are at the corner bored and uneasy. Well, before I bowl the freshmen's minds over, I just want to butter up myself with the thought that in the next few weeks,  I'm going to  hit the salt fields in the north. 

Wishin you all a wonderful day! 

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