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Saturday, 17 August 2013

Alter Ego

Alter Ego

Counting the  days since the last time she heard from him, simply makes her feel dumb. He might have found new alter egos who are better than her, or he might be "beavering" shaping his future. And the worst she could imagine is that, he had totally forgotten her. Oh great-coz that would teach her to be tougher and more "free-wheeling". Kissing the flare of the morning sun while daintily scribbling the smoggy sky, keeps her from loneness and emptiness. Thank goodness she knows how to pacify herself with her "cynosures". 

People who have left her empty-handed were "infinite", and this made her exuberantly "glide" higher. You may think that she's going crazy for banging out too much of her sentiments about "him" in Blogger-"silly" isn't it? But you see, she has finally found herself a place where she can candidly play with colours, without anyone judging her. Besides becoming  more confident, she also learned to control the temperature of the boiling water in her head. 
It would take years to get over his memories which were written at the summit of the highest mountain in Indochina.  Had she known, she could've fiddled them on the restless rainbows at the tail of the "Silver" waterfalls in Sa Pa. No, she didn't mean "regrets" coz she's still waiting for the next cannonball to fire on its own. 

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