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Thursday, 1 August 2013

From Baba with Love

From Baba with Love 

As clever as the latest walking publication
Works with strength and passion
Faithfully  stargazing by the wicket
That one day, he knocks down the golden gate

Her "pan de sal"quaffs the strong dusky aurora mud
While she hits the  ground running  with a fuschia rose bud
Grass is always greener the other side, she hums
Scowling at the first blush train of bums

The reeking kitchen is her first love 
Yet nestles her soulmate Baba
Mama, where are my hard-nose chestnut gloves
Coz winter is coming, Oh Yeah

Facebook is flooded with vanilla
Skype is filled with apple-pie orders
Yes, it's her birthday with luscious tangy tequila
This is soul sister's love beyond borders

This poem is dedicated to my older sister Ellen whom I consider as the second most important women next to mom since childhood until now. And of course for my soul sister Katrina Sofia who always makes me feel how colorful life is being single. 


  Hahaha...cheers on their special day! Happy birthday sisters.  Love you both! 

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