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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Pedestrian Lanes in Vietnam

Pedestrian Lanes in Vietnam

Crossing the pedestrian lanes in the country is a matter of life and death as drivers never respect traffic laws so they don't care about the walkers' right of  way.  This morning, it took me almost ten minutes to make it to the opposite street-not exaggerating.  I have been here for almost three years but I still don't know how to play their game.  Heads up to expats who can drive motorbikes here because vehicles come from different directions and intersections like popping mushrooms! 

On the other hand, there also a lot of jaywalkers who don't know how to use the footbridges in the area. If you're an ambler, better bind  a radar  or eyes around your body so you wouldn't be run over by "fast and furious" motorists.  


If it's your first visit, be alert at all times.  Enjoy! 

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