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Friday, 16 August 2013

Hugs and Kisses

Hugs and Kisses

"Should I be glad you two broke up?" Finally, I can have my brother back! The last time I visited him was a few months ago during the "fireworks" festival in Da Nang.  Despite his  "fussy" schedules, he still managed to spoil me as much as he could, like he used to do. Our small talks hadn't changed-we were more than being "soulmates" I guess. But the most spine-tingling, heart-stopping story he told me, was about how he "loved" his girl. She wasn't only pretty, naive, and graceful but also fragile and pure.  "Glad he finally found someone who could make him "whole" again after a horrible "dash" with his ex-gf a few years ago", I smirked.  

Since he had his youthful damsel already, a "knight" suddenly burgled to rule a portion of my "pyrolympic" ventures with a promise to rescue me. I couldn't thank "him" more for treating me like a princess while my brother was busy.  The night I jumped off the conveyor, all I could recall was glancing at a "stiff", medium built guy in rouge standing at the waiting area. 

Yes, my brother was the only diligent person who used to know my flights-and he was supposed to be there patiently drolling at the domestic arrivals NOT that "sturdy" one in collared copper.   "Hey, have you waited that long, sorry Vietnam Airlines was delayed", tapping his jelled left shoulder. "Oh, you're looking great-uhmmm becoming more handsome huh?", I added. He immediately drove me to the hotel overlooking the Han river. "This is very nice, sir-thank you so much", I said. The  knight winked and quickly "spinned" back home! 

 Oopps, I think I was carried away by my effusive "romanticism" for the cadet's shining armor.  So, let me knock it off by bursting the bubbles on "your" face.  Let's go back to  my brother's story.  "I wasn't enough for her, and I don't deserve their daughter", he confessed.  I was buttoned-up  coz I thought we are already on the  21st century in which social status, and family background aren't the main causes of young adults' broken "passions", rather playing too much video games.  Haha! 

My buddy was the bravest man I have ever met, coz he took the heat with all his might. I'm so proud of him! Though we aren't siblings by blood, we never fail each other...distance isn't a hindrance for our hearts to meet halfway. He is too young to get into serious and sombre "deals" with any chick.  I'm sure one day, he'll find the other half of his busted "core". 

 Hugs and Kisses! 


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