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Friday, 30 August 2013

Sloppy Russian Spirit

Sloppy Russian Spirit

Was incredibly stewed last night that I felt like a flying paper weight! Surely, I still knew what I yeah after the itty-bitty, grilled buffalo and vodka party, we headed back to the dormitory and doused our sober sympathies into goblets of fresh  drinks in Ally Coffee. Oh, no when was the last time I went "dead" tipsy?

 The thing is, I have never learned how to keep the right cards,  coz I drink occasionally. Well, my  kids were clever enough to get my "funny" bones dodge several bottles of that pale yet able-bodied Russian spirit with my sloppy "bitty bites".  "Wake up!", said my starving  "spare tire" glaring at the tick of dawn. But instead of grabbing some frozen fruits to stuff my tummy, I dampened myself with baby wipes to get rid of my stinky smell. Ahhhhh...that was aweful! 

Glad I wasn't knocked down with a hangover this morning. So, the camera kept rolling until I finished my class at 12n today. Now my backpack,battery grip, and passport are ready for Chu Lai! 

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