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Saturday, 10 August 2013



You injure me as of a furious laser beam.
Leaving a  biting yet honeyed, cherry skin.
I bet you're good for nothing,  except your crafty  midday gleam! 
But my lint saves me from your wicked grin.

Running away from your "bucolic" appetent  is impossible.
Coz that definitely caps  my ambitious globe-trotting!
Heard from afar the echo as you happily gobble,
Buckling "her" as your everything.


Oh, I should thank you for the mere chance,
Of leading me to his heart.
Prickling, weeping under the tree of the most fierce fate as I glance,
At our last trip photos by the mountains, though it hurts.

It's you I miss, as I "flick" my scalded shoulders.
Sunburn, sunburn you lied to me!
Down on my knees broken,  as I cede my heart on these flinty, duned shore boulders.
God, I want him back...I plea. 

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