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Sunday, 4 August 2013

The Comfort Zone

The Comfort Zone

Where is your comfort zone?  Are you brave enough to knock it out of your life? Mine is in the "inner" circle of the real me...which means, this has nothing to do with the luxury the physical world can offer.  Yes, I love travelling, eating strange foods and taking never ending photos of the sunsets.  These give me a day-to-day butterflies in my stomach and delight but they dont't heal the broken heart, bitterness, low self-esteem within me for instance.  

One of human beings' weaknesses is "feeding" themselves with material things they thought could make them whole...but as time passes by they feel more lifeless and will never be "content" with what they have collected.  I am not a psychologist nor an expert of anything-but surely this is human nature.  

Sometimes I feel like I am behind bars of my own corrupted spirit to the extent that I deny myself of who I really am coz the outer wheel  of "me" is a bit tricky and scary.  I live a simple life-uhmm I do worship too...never thought of getting promoted, wants to live in a small cottage by the mountain, or the lake or by the beach maybe with a small coffee table where my heart beats fast sipping the addicting aroma of the sunrise.  That's me...for real! Isn't it simple enough?  For sure I also dream big sometimes, but my soul tells me to stay inside the inner arena for safety. I hate it...and that gives me a nightmare in boisterous nightfalls.  

Well, one day I know that I would lose grip of my "security blanket" and I will make sure that I would stand proud of myself for making it to the peak! 


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