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Monday, 12 August 2013



How much are you willing to drop for your family? This has been blowing her away for a couple of weeks now. Her parents are on their septuagenarian...they need their kids but where are they? Obviously, it's not the financial support which makes them fitter and happier but the coddles or the warmth they get from their children.  Sadly, she's torn between chasing her  career and going back to her hometown. The toughest decision she might choose in the near future, because she's not financially "composed" yet. Sometimes, she feels bad, guilty, and irresponsible for gambling the time her parents deserve for a much decent pay overseas. Yes, she has five older siblings,  but they seem to be busier than the city ants as they already have their own families.

  Reality bites, she's not getting any younger, and she thought, settling down should be sooner, but what about her mom? She's too weak to travel, and if she chose to retire outside her home country, she couldn't take her farther. This cruel life has left her with no choice-so pathetic. Should she envy people who are having quality time with their families? She can't help but worry.  Every tick of the clock consumes her soul- her whole well-being.  Her "illusions" have been telling her that she would be with them at the perfect time, but it seems like she has been very hasty and  impatient. Oh God, she doesn't know what to do. Prayers are the only bricks that strongly grip the weak foundation of her heart. 

She knows this wouldn't be forever...someday she will "clinch" the sunrise with her parents' ineffable peace of mind. 

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