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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

"She's a Teacher-Not a Lawn Mower"

"She's a Teacher-Not a Lawn Mower"

"How did my English teacher know those things?", I murmured while sitting on the flinty, timber armchair for more than six months, where you couldn't change coz that was where you were assigned to "plop" down - unless one of its legs broke down.

"Susana, answer question number one!" Ah What? What was that? No, I wasn't a typical hard-working, bootlick, third grader. Believe me, I didn't even have the idea where my classmates got the correct answers for every quiz, not until one day, I got curious with what I had written on my "wrinkled", loose-leaf notebook. But I wasn't worried about "me", being a bad student. Instead, I pity my teacher coz I knew that discipling, 40-50 greenhorns a day  wasn't as easy as "logging" in to Twitter! 

Ah, before we hit the "belly button" of this story, let me tell you something about my most "abhorred" English teacher in "Secondary"school. She was on her mid twenties, tall, tan and gorgeous! "Did you get my point there?" , she asked. "Yes", we replied.  That was her way of confirming whether her students fully latched onto the different types of "figures of speech". How "ironic", I thought. So what about her, oh yeah I almost consigned to "oblivion".  Alright,  I just wanted to tell you that she was a "superwoman" coz at my young age, I believed that she knew everything-from grammar, to vocabulary, and so on. There weren't any questions, confusions should I say, from students which were left "tabled".  She was a brilliant, amazing, young English "coach"!

Last night, I received my schedule for "High School"-and I felt like I was "strangled", that I could hardly swallow the tiny piece of banana I had just stuffed my aperture. My bones were slowly crumbled, my blood ran cold-it was a hellfire! Teaching should be something to be enjoyed and treasured between students and their lecturer. But if you were "designated" to  gobble up five different levels of learners each day, along with those "struggling" college students, then I "buck the odds", you won't be an effective teacher anymore. You're worse than a rumpled buffalo trying to knock over the stuck, high and dry mulch on the highways of Ha Noi! 

Where's the quality of education our students deserve from their institutes, and educators? I'm just a humble, chary instructor, not a robot, nor a notable cameo "buffoon"! 

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