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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

For Jesse

For Jesse

Today, I thought of telling you something I'm sure you haven't heard from anyone else yet. Well, you might have read some of these "cheesy" familiar phrases somewhere...but each "punctuation" promises a unique "me" expressing how I feel about you. 

A thousand personifications wouldn't be enough to describe you  nor a "jungle" of honeycombs for me to stop thinking how sweet you are,  so I will just make it simple according to how you made me become the first time I saw you, and the last time I stared at your clasping eyelashes.   

It makes the whole world grin once you start giggling with those innocent kids you play with. You're perfect to be a "dad" I bet, as you can endure the pain of a baseball bat these lovely kiddos hammer you a hundred times. And you're the best actor, too as every chancy  jolt has different level of emotions-and this makes them gobble more and more.  How did you do that simply amazing quality time with those fragile souls? 
Everyone wants to be with you, I guess-I'm jealous though coz I wanna be a part of your heart-stirring life, too. Can you be my  younger brother whom I can bully for not surfing well in the big blue waves? Or a coach maybe who gives me a bash everytime I miss a punch? I suppose you can also be the "choate" brick to fill in my missing puzzle piece. But you know what, you are the notes of my plain classic guitar-strumming them gives me an everlasting melody of hope that one day, I would stand proud in the crowd telling them that to be a guitarist isn't a "frustration" anymore.  

Since I don't have the courage to laugh out loud  with you for the second time, I will just keep  your memories in a 5GB SD card I lent you the day you asked for my name twice.  

I miss you and I can tell you my name a billion times just to be with you! 


Hopeless Romantic

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